Electric Car Charging

Stirrups is thrilled to announce that we have now installed a Rolec Dual 22Kw Rapid Charger at the hotel. Anyone who is lucky enough to be driving an electric or hybrid vehicle can now charge up at Stirrups Country House Hotel. Free to use for guests resident in the hotel, non-residents are also able to charge their cars at a cost of £3 for 2 hours.
Whether you are joining us for a drink in the bar with friends, dinner in our Brasserie, a chat a over coffee or Sunday Lunch, you are now able to cheaply and quickly re-fill your cars battery whilst enjoying the restaurant, bar and manicured lawns of Stirrups, or tucking in for a blissful sleep in one of our beautifully crafted bedrooms.

Instructions for use
1.) The Charger is situated in the rear carpark and there are designated parking bays for your electric vehicle whilst on charge.
2.) Residents and Non-residents are requested to collect tokens from the hotel reception. These are offered free of charge to residents or at £3.00 per token for non – residents. Each token last 2 hours.
3.) Connection instructions can be found on the charger itself.

Terms & Conditions:
· Stirrups accepts no liability for damage to the vehicle or the user through the use of the Rolec Charger. Guests use the charger at their own risk.
· We would request that guests vacate the dedicated parking bays once their vehicle charge time has terminated in order to allow other guests to opportunity to charge.